Music is the gathering of all kinds of courage like cherubim around a shining throne. ("Ariadne on Naxos" Hofmannsthal/ Strauss)

I take this as a call to gather different people around my piano to sing together.

The beginning of our story is in any case my first meeting with the talent of Katharina Jing An Gebauer and our joint work and learning process.

A common turn of phrase in music is "the difficult piece", rumors are spread by the teacher, colleagues or music lovers, sometimes even by the composer himself, that a particular piece is incredibly difficult to master. Thus, mountains are made even higher and steeper in the imagination than they actually are. Perhaps even those performers who have discovered paths on those mountains also want to increase their own fame by trying to dissuade others from the same task.

I do not deny that there are a handful of exceptional compositions that require years of engagement, great talent and strong motivation.

But in most cases, the impression is only created that something is unplayable - to create a nimbus... the misunderstood composer who is ahead of his time... the fanatical virtuoso who sacrifices his life to art... or the music fan who gives up his own career... with the record collection, who likes to talk about what others can or cannot do...

However, I find the worst to be those music teachers who want to deny a student the success they have not achieved.

We have found that you can only learn areas of art through and during the practice, that it makes sense to work with an experienced person to learn a new singing style and to observe carefully at work.

Therefore, you can learn Wagner singing from a trained Wagner singer or the Verdi and Puccini style from an experienced opera diva

I allow myself a comparison from sports: when climbing, it would probably be reckless and dangerous, if you would only want to warn and sensitize the students about the dangers.

Really necessary are tools to safely withstand the dangers.