Opera Crime Dinner

A thrilling sequence of scenes mixed from different operas in the setting of a festive 5-course meal.

This event is a perfect way to combine your love of opera with your love of mystery. You will be transported to the world of opera as you witness a series of exciting scenes from some of the most famous operas ever written. The meal will be a feast for the senses, with each course perfectly paired with a different opera.

This event is sure to be a night you will never forget. So come join us for an Opera Crime Dinner and experience the best of both worlds!


  • Opera gala in the festival hall of the academic gymnasium Vienna

Concert performance of the first act of The Valkyrie

2nd performance in Wiener Neudorf


Tosca - the start of our successful series in the Jubiläumshalle Biedermannsdorf - opera and gastronomy peacefully united, an enthusiastic and impressed audience close to the action



Our first attempt at a staged performance: Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro